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Intava Introduces Interactive Digital Signage Solutions
for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

New Touch-Screen Digital Signs Enable Small and Medium-Sized Businesses to Visually Promote the Products They Sell

BELLEVUE, WA – September 12, 2012 – Intava ( today announced the launch of Intava Presto,™ an interactive digital signage solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses to promote the products they sell. Presto is an easy-to-configure system that enables businesses to visually display their offerings using a modern touch screen interface on large-format screens.

“For over a decade, Intava interactive digital signs have been used by some of the nation’s top retailers to visually merchandise their products,” said Troy Carroll, CEO of Intava. “With Presto, we’ve taken much of that technology and packaged it as an off-the-shelf system suitable for a variety of markets. This is an exciting new option for organizations wanting a high-impact way to dynamically promote what they sell.”

Intava Presto: Endless Aisle Interactive Digital Signage
Intava Presto™ Showcases Any Set of Products and Services

The Intava Presto system includes a configurable touch screen interface that presents any promotional content in a seamless interactive experience with no programming or interface design required. In addition, a catalog of a business’ products and services can be imported, which consumers can then browse, search, filter and print. The flexibility of Presto means products and services can encompass anything from hotel amenities to automobiles.

Intava Presto works with a variety of media players and touch screens. Presto is powered by the Intava Sphira™ digital signage platform, which includes a powerful set of cloud-based tools for managing the content on Presto screens and digital signs. Intava also offers a suite of creative, project management and installation services, giving organizations the option to purchase a fully turn-key solution.

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