About Us

Our Mission
At Intava we are committed to the idea of digital retailing— the idea that new technologies can, and should, be used to improve consumer experiences in the traditional brick-and-mortar world. We provide digital signage technologies that do just that, while fulfilling specific business needs for our customers.

We make a variety of consumer and associate-facing solutions for a variety of industries-- software, graphic interfaces, and content. We create, implement and can manage everything end-to-end. We source the best hardware for you from the world's best suppliers. And we offer professional services to implement, monitor, maintain and improve your system.

Our Clientele

Intava works with some of America's top companies, both big and small. We have special expertise in automotive, home furnishings, wireless, restaurants, media products, and consumer electronics. But no matter what the vertical, the business challenge is the same– inspire consumers, educate them, and drive them to a sale.

The Intava Way

It's the smart way. We get fully acquainted with your brand, locations, and customer experience goals; we're fully responsible for solid, reliable software, plus dazzling creative work if you ask. We are marketing, design and software expertise in one nimble package.

Continuing Relationships

After a solution is up and running, Intava offers a whole suite of professional services to ease the burden of content and software updates, network monitoring, maintenance and onsite field repairs. We're with the majority of our clients for the long term as strategic partners.