A helping hand from start to finish.
Maybe you're an old pro at deploying digital signage, but what if you're not? Executing a digital signage strategy for the first time can be daunting, especially if it includes interactive content. That's why Intava is there for you, acting as a digital agency to see you through the entire process.
It all starts with a plan.
If you're considering a digital signage project, but don't know where to begin, Intava can help with your planning. We'll educate you on what's possible, then work to develop a quality strategy that starts with identifying your goals and ends with a detailed project roadmap. You'll walk away with details such as where your screens will be located, a list of the content they will display, and how they will evolve over time.
Content is king.
At the heart of any good digital signage project is quality content. If you have graphics or videos you'd like to use, congratulations. You simply upload them into your Intava system and you're up and running. But maybe you don't have everything you need and want a little help. Intava has a talented team of designers who can produce content for almost any purpose.
Custom interactive digital signage solution
We'll make something just for you.
Sometimes an off-the-shelf solution just won't do. We know, because we've helped companies create custom interactive signage experiences for over a decade. Our Intava Vector™ technology framework lets us produce product-focused interactive applications on accelerated schedules. And since our crack team of developers has built numerous solutions for Fortune 500 companies, we can handle most anything you throw at us. Just ask.
Red carpet
Leave the details to us.
Everyone has a business to run, so you may find that you want to deploy digital signs, but don't have the time or focus. In that case, leave it to us. We have project managers on staff that will drive the project from start to finish. All you do is provide access to resources as the project moves along.
Time for your big premiere.
You've developed a plan, your content and application are complete, and your system is ready to go. The only thing left to do is to place screens in your store or venue. If you purchased your hardware from Intava, we've got you covered with professional installation services.
Empowering you to take charge.
We share in your success, so that's why we offer generous telephone and email support with the license of any Intava product. Have a problem or question? Just call or email us. Plus, to start you out on a solid footing, we offer web training sessions covering every aspect of your particular system, giving you the confidence to take the reigns.